The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

Neato XV-11


Neato XV-11 by Neato Robotics is a new generation robovac.  It is designed as a true vacuum with a beater brush and the strongest suction available in any robotic vacuum cleaner for dirt, dust, and pet hair.  The moment you turn it on, you will soon begin to like it.  Press the big orange Start button to start.  Set the schedule, and it will automatically starts up and cleans for you while you are doing other chores.  When done cleaning, this Neato vacuum will find its charging base.  Between uses, it will store itself on its charging base so that it will be ready for the next cleaning run.

Neato XV-11 is blessed with one of the more advanced floor mapping systems on the market. Utilizing what Neato calls its “RPS” or Room -Positioning-System, the XV-11 uses its sci-fi laser scanners, to create a 360 degree digital map of your room, detecting walls, doorways, furniture and other obstacles up to four meters away. With the RPS system, it carefully avoids most obstacles that other robots can only detect by impact.

Neato XV-11

It is fun to watch the Neato XV-11 cleans and thinks for there is certainly some cleverness in this little bot.

  • Neato cleans in precise, straight line paths. It does not navigate randomly. It determines the best path to take and starts cleaning the perimeter of the area and then uses a methodical back and forth straight-line pattern to complete the interior. It follows this method, cleaning your house segment by segment. The XV-11 remembers all of the maps of the area it has cleaned and knows what it has left to clean, even while it is in suspended mode. It works on all types of floor. It cleans carpet, tile, hardwood, Pergo, and linoleum flooring very effectively.
  • By mapping out your room in advance, the vacuum sees obstacles before it hits them. By utilizing the included markers, you can designate “keep out zones” to restrict its movements.
  • The XV-11 does not stop at just object detection however, it also detects and maps doorways leading to other rooms. What good is an automatic cleaner if you have to pick it up and move it from room to room yourself? Once it has finished one room, it knows exactly where to go in order clean the next room in your house.
  • It utilizes a high performance, centrifugal impeller.  It can pick up almost any debris or pet hair it finds on your floor.
  • It has a rectangular cleaning head. The Neato’s flat face allows it to clean right up against walls, and fit nicely into corners.
  • It has the largest dirt bin in a robotic vacuum—its easy to access and empty between cleanings.

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