Tips for finding the best RC car for yourself

There are so many remote control cars in the market today, ranging from gas models, electric to nitro powered RC cars. There are not only cars but also trucks, boats, tanks and airplanes. If you are interested in buying an RC car, you need to know that each type has its pros and cons. The good news is, there are many RC car styles and models to choose from.

Tips for finding the best RC car

1. Your preference

Choosing the right RC car model depends on you as a person. There are simple toys products, that have primitive receivers and are strictly for children. Serious RC vehicles occur in ready to run styles and kits that you assemble yourself. You don’t need to have a big budget to buy an RC car, there is also the electric battery packs, fuel sources, and gas or nitro mixes.

a) Ready-to-Use: This types of RC cars are best suited for beginners for a number of reasons. One, they don’t need to be assembled from the kit and once the electric battery pack is fully charged, you’re ready to race. Although the electric RC cars are generally slower than the fuel mixes, they last longer, don’t pollute the air, they don’t require gas and are not susceptible to fire.

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b) Customize: The kit types of RC vehicles are a challenging idea for serious people or “expert” hobbyists. They come in pieces or totally disassembled and the challenge is to assemble the pieces and create your car. Some can be modified or customized to suit your needs. These are the types of cars that use fuel mixes. These cars are complicated to assemble and run because they have real combustion motors.

2. Budget

Although your local shop might have a good selection of RC trucks to choose from too, it is advisable to avoid mass marketing distributors and toy because the RC cars sold there are more in the “toy” category. It is always good to shop around. Most importantly consider the type of car you want, what you want to use it for and your budget.